Over the past few months, we have been working hard to help our clients through these uncertain times. I am pleased to say that everyone has remained healthy and have adhered to social distancing measures put in place and also other measures.

Asset have been keeping up to date with government guidelines and using resources such as WHO, Construction Leadership Council and IOSH, so that we can review and change our policies and procedures proactively.

We have created a coronavirus policy which has been beneficial to our clients to outline our procedures and responses to the pandemic. We have provided risk assessment for sites and offices, and also for persons returning to work in customer houses. We have provided letters for driving to work areas. The adjacent notice was used to display outside of sites so that members of the public could see what measures we had put in place.

As people have slowly returned to work, we have provided flowcharts and action plans for working whilst maintaining social distancing measures and also surveys and control measures where the social distancing rule cannot be maintained. It has been a difficult time, but one I am pleased to say has been overcome through good communication and everyone doing their part.

If anyone requires any documentation of advice, please get in touch immediately.

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