ISO Certified for Joinery Company

A local joinery company who has worked with me for a few years now, mainly health and safety advice, documentation, SSIP, site inspections, training, well pretty much the full package, sought advice about achieving ISO 9001:2015. We sat down in their office and had a discussions about what was involved and what each of us needed to do. They decided to go for it!

We had a meeting with the management team, which I have to admit some where sceptical they would achieve it at all, but all decided to get on board and have inout into the system. This was a key ingredient, as well as the leadership shown by the director pushing for its implementation, in getting the system in place.

So a couple of management reviews, many audits, process creation and document control later, I am very pleased to say that last week, the joinery company passed its stage one audit with no concerns. The external auditor recommended stage two as soon as possible as the quality management system was excellent and would have passed the stage two audit.

The stage two audit is set for the beginning of December. I would like to thank all those involved in setting up the management system and working within it to maintain it. I really appreciated the help, assistance and willingness to make this happen. One final hurdle to jump to meet the objective.

Well done all!


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